Loud Colors

the art of cory jaeger-kenat


When I stumbled upon the work of artist Duane Keiser, it completely changed not only how I saw art, but how I saw the world around me. Keiser has a way of seeing the extraordinary in the most ordinary of everyday objects; he makes us really look at what is around us, which to me is a primary reason art exists. He stands the dry academic concept of the painting 'study' on its head and turns simple observation into an adventure and a treat for the eyes.

So, these are my works inspired by this philosophy. My style is quite different from his, and although I think his skills are dazzling, I am quite a stubborn originalist who wants to keep my works uniquely mine. However, the idea of celebrating the mundane really took over in my soul due to his work, and for that I thank him.

More will be made in the future that I hope will be available for sale.

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