loud colors

the art of Cory Jaeger-Kenat

Nine Wishes Project 2003-2005

The number nine is the sacred number of the humanitarian, and this endeavour focused on the glorious hope and energy often found within our deepest wishes. Online viewers would email me with their wishes, which I then translated artistically and posted in cyberspace. It was amazing to see how these little creations evoked the warm, the personal, and the purely human--all from the faceless environment of the internet. They established connection and even brought some individuals to new insights in their private lives. The wish paintings, which found their way to viewers around the United States, Canada, and Australia, were given away and never sold, although donations were appreciatively accepted--and truly helped the Project to survive. The few remaining unclaimed wishes (nine, coincidentally enough), were auctioned off in 2006 and the proceeds given to the Money for Women/Barbara Deming Memorial Fund, Inc, in New York City.

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