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the art of Cory Jaeger-Kenat

Pressed Beneath a Heavy Sky 2001

These pieces are from a solo show held in 2001 entitled, "Pressed Beneath a Heavy Sky." The exhibition, a successful culmination of over a year of dedicated and psychologically draining painting, was held in Montana at the Toucan Gallery. It consisted of nine pieces that dealt with my childhood in Dakota, summers spent swallowed in a sea of flat fields and blue sky, where God-fearing condemnation was carried on the gritty, hot winds. Returning to the vast isolation of the plains and to the place where so many childhood memories were made, I realized that both Emily Dickinson and I grew up believing our imaginations could only safely soar in the shelter of tiny rooms.

At the show's reception, women I had never met approached me in tears, something that sounds melodramatic even as I write this--but truly happened. The show was generously assisted by a grant from the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund of New York City. All of the works reside in private collections--except for "When Jezebel Left LaMoure County" which unfortunately was stolen from the gallery. The gallery compensated me for the loss, but it was sad, just the same.

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