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Satisfy your inner Audrey Hepburn and save closet space in the bargain!

These frilly paintings are sure to make any girly heart flutter. Click on any image to see it in greater detail.

All of the hat paintings are hand-painted with acrylic paint on canvas board. They are originals, and personally signed on the back. Their dimensions are all 5"x7", and they are sold unframed. Works are shipped within a week of your order.

If you wish to purchase, simply put down a price you are willing to pay into the box below, and click the 'buy now' button.Clicking on the 'buy now' button will lead you directly into Paypal.

Average suggested price is $25.
Just give my treasured art a happy home, and I am happy, too. Proceeds from the sale of these works go to into the St. John's Anglican Mission Fund, where my husband assists struggling people he encounters in police chaplaincy, as well as people we both encounter in our day to day lives.

Because of the prevalence of international online scams, we reserve the right not to ship art out of the United States.

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