Loud Colors

the art of cory jaeger-kenat


These works are studies in the 'trompe l-oeil' style of painting, a French, hard-to-pronounce word that means 'to fool the eye'. Trompe l-oeil painting differs from still-life painting in that it's aim is not only to decorate environments but also to convey optical illusions of objects and scenery not actually there. Typically, trompe l-oeil works are painted directly on surfaces, like murals, and there are stunning examples out there of everything from curtained windows to garden vistas to books and vases of flowers on mantles to silver mirrors painted on bureau tops that are so lifelike you want to pick them up. The range is endless and delightful!

Currently, because of studio restraints and also because I am still learning, these pieces are primarily dealing with objects on shelves. I find that they also suit my taste for the quaint and 'retro', and are an excellent way to adorn my home with objects that I actually don't want to dust and maintain. They fit into home interiors amazingly well. 'Sweetpeas and China Birds' is a focal point in my bathroom, while 'Aunt Ethel's Shelf' works wonderfully next to my laundry room. 'Morning Glory Shelf' is in my kitchen.

More will be made in the future that I hope will be available for sale. Sale proceeds go to the St. Johns Anglican Mission Fund, where my husband assists struggling people he encounters in police chaplaincy, as well as people we both encounter in our day to day lives.

Because of the prevalence of international online scams, we reserve the right to decide on a case by case basis whether to ship art out of the United States.(upperleft:Sweetpeas and China Birds, NFS)

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