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"The room is sunny, the walls lined lemon yellow are only decorated with Japanese engravings which Monet tells us he bought in the past in packets for few francs in Holland. He shows us our places. He pours drinks, notices how we serve ourselves. Under his gaze Monet waits for our compliments which we give generously."
--Jacques Salomon
"I love the idea that bees gather nectar from flowers and herbs and then go home and make honey. We are like bees in that way. We move about, going from here to there, having thousands of different experiences, and learning how to cultivate our own. We take everything in, then we make our honey, our own dreams come true, our own happiness."
--'Choosing Happiness', Alexandra Stoddard

At this point, creativity has become a daily practice for me, much in the same way that Shaolin monks in Asia devote themselves to daily routines of prayer and martial arts. Art is about small increments of improvement, across all aspects of my life, a gradual constant climb that is yielding surprising results. I don't make as much art as I used to, but I am living far better, with clearer eyes. As artist Wayne Thiebaud said, "You may not make a living at art, but you can certainly make a life." History is filled with great artists burned alive by their blazing talents, and I am determined not to be one of those. Instead, I tend my small hearth by making art in a leisurely way--far more inclined to follow Claude Monet, who believed his outdoor garden to be one his masterpieces, and a good dinner party as important as any time cloistered in the studio.

Over time, I am finding that I am spending much more time at the keyboard, writing webcode for the site, and posting blog posts for both Ellen's Almanac and Loud Colors. At Ellen's Almanac, a blog dedicated to my grandmother, I counter the myth that homemaking is dull. I spoon out the philosophy, skills, and history of this fascinating place of ruffled aprons and rolling pins. As a friend once said, "The best art is art you can eat." I am indeed finding this to be so. And if I can add to this delight by seating you in my vintage kitchen surrounded by my paintings, with a breeze playing with the lace curtains, so much the better.

A momentous trip to England, Ireland, and Holland has also fueled new experiments in my work. Colorful floral tiles seem to be bursting forth from my paintbrush. These tiles are going to be part of an outdoor wall, installed in panels that are based on a method I saw when I was at the famous tile workshop in Delft. They will make up the theme of one seating area in our large yard, but I am envisioning even more outdoor projects in the future, employing mosaic, text, and a variety of subjects. I don't plan to give up my the serious journeys made in my canvas paintings, but right now this joyful play in tile art seems to be right and a heck of lot of fun. Tile is an excellent way to fulfill my goal of using art to enrich mental and physical space, and I can't wait to see how the images shift and change over the seasons.

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