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Archives: Work from 1995-2000, The Chalk Pastel Years

"I graduated from college with a degree in psychology and a minor in art. Both were integral to each other. I used art as a therapeutic tool with a variety of clients, while the insights gained in psychology fuel my work in the studio to this day. It became quickly apparent that my work relied on intuitively 'feeling my way' by making 'mistakes', which led to more and more mistakes, until finally I found what was undeniably right .

Chalk pastel was a natural fit, and I revelled in it. The pastel sticks were inexpensive, vivid, and I would layer the pigments, spray the fixative on the paper, then layer again, until the strokes would feather upon each other as delicately as butterfly wings. The images displayed here are regrettably small because they were transferred to jpegs from--believe it or not--actual slides. Yes, I betray my age here, because saying that you used to use camera film and photographic slides in this digital age is like saying you used to listen to records on a phonograph. I can't reshoot them, because most of them were sold long ago.

I can still feel the chalk caked on my finger-tips--fingers recklessly bare because putting on gloves (which is recommended, by the way) was, to me, like placing a wall in the middle of two people embracing. I had to touch these works; it was how I knew where to place the color and where I knew what to say, the oil of my skin and the pattern of my fingerprints, alchemizing into the line, building the velvety highlights.

I was dazzled by a local production of 'Camelot' and it sent my imagination soaring in the direction of lords and ladies, shiny armor plate and embroidered brocade. There was something I needed to learn from the archetypal nature of those ancient tales, something that grabbed me hard. Those days were heady, obsessed days, days that would tumble into nights of working, where sometimes I wouldn't even feel that I had nearly worn the skin from my hands. I would go into the bathroom to wash my hands, and discover that my cheeks were covered with frantic streaks of powder, and I would grimace gleefully into the mirror like some sort of warrior, queen of the easel."
--Cory Jaeger-Kenat

picture on left: me in my 20s, featured after I was asked to create a benefit poster for a local domestic violence shelter
me at about age 5, drawing with chalk on the sidewalk

One of the primary regrets I have from my days when I was represented by commercial galleries is that I rarely got an opportunity to meet my patrons. If you own a Jaeger artwork and would like to send pictures or add your name as a collector, I would greatly appreciate it´┐Żand I would love to meet you! I may be contacted at loudcolors@ymail.com.

All work is copyrighted under Cory Jaeger-Kenat. Any use, without permission from the artist, is strictly prohibited.

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Selected Exhibitions

Six Pack, Eastern Montana College and Art Space, Billings, MT.
Soliloquy, Holly and Co., Glasgow, MT.
Selected Exhibitions

Solo Shows
mydieval faire, Cold Mountain Pottery and the Kaleidoscope Gallery, Billings, MT.
ballads made of mist, Cafe Jones, Billings, MT.

Juried Group Shows
electrum xxv, Helena Arts Council, Helena, MT.
women's vision, Corvallis Arts Center, Linn-Benton Council for the Arts, Corvallis, OR.

National Shows
n.o.w. (national organization for women) auction, Annual Art Auction, Billings, MT.
a.c.l.u. 10th annual art auction, Emerson Art Center, Bozeman, MT.
Selected Exhibitions 1997
Solo Shows
private gardens made public, Idaho Falls Center for the Arts, Idaho Falls, ID.
sanctuary, Myrna Loy Center for the Arts, Helena, MT.

Juried Group Shows
anything goes, Toucan Gallery, Billings, MT.
Selected Exhibitions 1998
Juried Group Shows
anything goes,Toucan Gallery, Billings, MT.
introductions, Sutton West Gallery, Missoula, MT.
Selected Exhibitions 1999
Juried Group Shows
northwest pastel society show, Alder Gallery, Eugene, OR. International.
yellowstone art museum associates' auction , Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings, MT.
millenial exhibit, Danforth Gallery, Livingston, MT.
art and politics, Sutton West Gallery, Missoula, MT.
women artists of the west , Toucan Gallery, Billings, MT. One of seven regional artists.
Selected Exhibitions

Juried Group Shows
emerging artists, Danforth Gallery, Livingston, MT. Group exhibition of six artists.
anything goes, Toucan Gallery, Billings, MT.
emerging women artists, Sutton West Gallery, Missoula, MT. Group show of six female artists.