Loud Colors

the art of cory jaeger-kenat


When I stumbled upon the work of artist Duane Keiser, it completely changed not only how I saw art, but how I saw the world around me. Keiser has a way of seeing the extraordinary in the most ordinary of everyday objects; he makes us really look at what is around us, which to me is a primary reason art exists. He stands the dry academic concept of the painting 'study' on its head and turns simple observation into an adventure and a treat for the eyes.

So, these are my works inspired by this philosophy. My style is quite different from his, and although I think his skills are dazzling, I am quite a stubborn originalist who wants to keep my works uniquely mine. However, the idea of celebrating the mundane really took over in my soul due to his work, and for that I thank him.

All of these works are hand-painted with acrylic paint on canvas board. They are originals, and personally signed on the back. Their dimensions are all 5"x7", and they are sold unframed. Works are shipped within a week of your order.

If you wish to purchase, simply put down a price you are willing to pay into the box below, and click the 'buy now' button.Clicking on the 'buy now' button will lead you directly into Paypal.

Minimum price asked for is $15 which will cover materials, packing, and shipping. The average price is $25, but any price over $15 is gratefully accepted. Just give my treasured art a happy home, and I am happy, too. Proceeds from the sale of these works go into the St. Johns Anglican Mission Fund, where my husband assists struggling people he encounters in police chaplaincy, as well as people we both encounter in our day to day lives.

Because of the prevalence of international online scams, we reserve the right to decide on a case by case basis whether to ship art out of the United States.

(left: Colored Pencils, acrylic on canvas)