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American Dreams

The works on this page are part of an ongoing series honoring entrepreneurship. They will be shown in this online gallery, and perhaps displayed in some actual art venues.

I am doing this because I think we need to remember that small businesses employ over half of the country's private sector workforce, solidify the relationships in communities, and are responsible for the majority of American ingenuity and invention.

I really need your help! Currently the only states represented are Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Montana. But let's have all 50 states represented! (And by the way, there are some churches on the Pennsylvania page, painted simply because I found them beautiful.)

And, on top of it all, let's give some great businesses some free online publicity!

Share any and all of your small business stories by emailing me with a jpeg and I'll create a painting inspired by it. I will then add it to the online gallery where it will receive national and international exposure. Any comments or stories about the business will also be added to the display. Those submitting ideas are under no obligation to buy a work. I reserve all copyrights, no reproduction unless by permission of the artist.

If you wish to purchase, simply put down a price you are willing to pay into the box below, and click the 'buy now' button. Clicking on the 'buy now' button will lead you directly into Paypal.

Minimum price asked for is $25 which will cover shipping and materials. The average price is between $50-$75, but any price over $15 is gratefully accepted.Just give my treasured art a happy home, and I am happy, too. Proceeds from the sale of these works go to into the St. John's Anglican Mission Fund, where my husband assists struggling people he encounters in police chaplaincy, as well as people we encounter in our day to day lives.

Your participation is vital to this project! Click the contact link in the navigation bar to contact me with any suggestions. (left: picture of my ancestors's general store.)