Loud Colors

the art of cory jaeger-kenat

If you would like to purchase an artwork...

Any work publicized may be purchased except if it is marked NFS (not for sale.)

The Process
Simply click on the paypal button and put in the title of the work on the description line and a price that you can afford. On the site, every work that is available has a PayPal button under it. At Loud Colors Studio, we rely solely on donations. Proceeds are donated entirely to St. John's Anglican Mission Fund, my husband's ministry where he serves as an Anglican priest and police chaplain. My husband and I do not have a church, but work out of our home to help people in need who cross our path. These funds have bought groceries for our local Food Bank and for individual families, helped establish a lending library of books for our local police department, and have bought countless cups of coffee as 'Chappy Dave' has loaned his ear and a strong shoulder for grieving families, veterans, and officers traumatized by violence, sudden death, and witnessing the unthinkable. He does this on a volunteer basis, in addition to his full-time job.

Because of the prevalence of international online scams, we reserve the right not to ship art out of the United States.

Donations also help me to buy more materials to keep making art and keep the studio open. Also, proceeds, if available, will be donated to causes near to my heart, including human trafficking, as well as assisting survivors of rape and domestic violence. (Picture on far right: the artist working at a battered women's shelter in the 1990s.)

Minimum Suggested Donations
Decorative tiles: $10
Small unframed 5x7 works on canvas board: $15
Medium 8"x10" works, unframed on designer canvas: $50
Larger works that are framed: $100

It is vitally important to me that you are delighted with the work. If, for any reason, it does not match your expectations, please send it back and I will promptly refund what you paid for the work including return shipping costs.